October 19 to November 17, 2017.
Galeria h2o.

This exhibition is part of DOCfield Barcelona
Documentary Photography Festival.
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Città is the stereotyped city, the unnamed city: all cities can be the same city. Cities are one and one city can be all others.
Cities grow, change and evolve. They tell us about their culture, their history, their inhabitants, their atmosphere, their smells, their light, their shadows and why not? Of us. As David Le Breton says: “The city is not outside of man, but in him, permeating his gaze, his ear and all other senses.”

The tittle Citta is a tribute to the italian neo-realism. The set of pictures take the street as a main stage. Time and spaces are fragmented, displayed by the weak line between fiction and documentary. Photographs are not isolated, they are setting up a coherent narrative collection. Citta becomes a cartographic journey of space and time, in pursuit of oneself.

The essence of Citta is the inner journey that is projected in ourselves. As we look at the fotographs we can feel again and reinvent new cities, new experiences, new emotions, new feelings, what is private turns public and vice versa, inside us. The visual testimony of Citta describes different performances, as social, cultural or individual, of the observed reality. In these fleeting instants snapshots, we find music, rhythms, streets, scents of the night, silence. Recalling The Talmud: “We don´t see things as they are, we see them as we are.“
Núria Martinez Seguer

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